Quick Tarot Reading (10-15 Minutes approx.)



Please be as detailed as you wish in completing out the question box down below. Standard tarot readings usually last approximately 10-15 minutes, but will vary slightly depending on the simplicity or complexity of the question. If anything changes through April, please feel free to shoot me an email at Jane@janeintl.com to let me know of updates!

Please be as detailed (or general) as you wish in filling out the question box below.

DELIVERY: All readings that are purchased will be delivered within 2-3 weeks throughout April As this is an intuitive profession, I must be feeling connected to Spirit to deliver the reading in the most valuable way. I always send readings to those that order, so please do not fear if you do not get the reading immediately, it will be delivered!

This is not a live session.

Readings will be delivered in similar format to the videos on YouTube – but will be sent via a link that is 100% private.


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Ascending/Rising Sign

Moon Sign

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