Current Astrology Transits Only (20-30 Minutes approx.)


This report will be focusing solely on your current astrological transits (there will be no Tarot portion nor will we go through your Natal chart).

This reading is best for individuals who are already familiar with their Natal Chart and would like to just touch base with the current energies. We will focus on the upcoming 3 months and any other important events happening throughout the year.


Please be as detailed as you wish in completing out the question box down below. Standard tarot readings usually last approximately 25-30 minutes, but will vary slightly depending on the simplicity or complexity of the question. If anything changes through April, please feel free to shoot me an email at to let me know of updates!

Please be as detailed (or general) as you wish in filling out the question box below.

DELIVERY: All readings that are purchased will be delivered within 2-3 weeks throughout April As this is an intuitive profession, I must be feeling connected to Spirit to deliver the reading in the most valuable way. I always send readings to those that order, so please do not fear if you do not get the reading immediately, it will be delivered!

This is not a live session.

Readings will be delivered in similar format to the videos on YouTube – but will be sent via a link that is 100% private.


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