Your February Taurus was so right on that I have watched the video a few times because I just had to make sure… I felt like you’d been watching my life from my own eyes, thinking, and feeling the things I felt… the second person you said I needed to break with revealed their self… I am amazed

User: Stephanie B.

This is my first time watching your channel and I’m at a loss for words. What you read in your reading and your comprehensive reading it was as if you looked in my life and read what was happening… You gave me such insight in moving forward when my ex contacts me as my biggest fear is that he hadn’t done the work in him yet, that he hadn’t grown or matured. Thank you, I really feel me coming across this video is divinely guided.

User: Soul Searching

Jane Allison

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“I believe, one beautiful day, Divine Love will fuel the world, but it can only do so once we each love everything we already are. I believe love and healing must come from an intrinsic understanding of our spiritual nature. My work aims to assist those that seek a greater understanding of self – for it is only through the self that we find the creator of all.”

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